A WIDE, COMPLETE RANGE: that satisfies every requirement, in any type of cuisine and in every catering channel. Ingredients, fillings, antipastos, … up to the dessert. Take Alimentis to the table;

 EASY AND FLEXIBLE TO USE: a proposal of products that are easy to use and extremely flexible, able to adapt to the various cuisine requirements and to new food trends;

 HIGH, CONSTANT QUALITY: to guarantee that our customers have products that are always prepared the same way, with certified raw materials and controlled processes;

• A BIG TIME-SAVER: thanks to our products, semiprocessed in order to cut preparation time while guaranteeing the possibility of personalising recipes;

 CONSTANT COST CONTROL: assured by our processing and by the recipes designed specially to offer consistent products, even for yield;

 THE HOMEMADE TASTE: by using fine raw materials, studied and selected exactly as those found in the shop “around the corner”. They are used preferably fresh and in wise doses to offer our professional customers that extra touch, making the difference and personalising each dish.