In the quiet of the province of Mantua, where the Po in its slowflow meets the mists of the “Lowlands”, alongside the walls of thebeautiful sixteenth-century village of Sabbioneta, World Heritage Site and atthe foot of the imposing “Torrazzo Gonzaghesco” where the slowpassing of time leaves culinary traditions that centuries of history havepreserved almost intact unchanged, stands the Antica Corte Vignazza, which gaveits name to our line.

Just like this corner of Italy, the products bearing this name aresimilar to the pleasure of the tranquillity of our Province where it is still possibleto sit at a table with friends and taste genuine food that is rich in history.

From this idea, products have been created, which are intended tocheer up family meals that reproduce and renew regional recipes which sharewith our Corte the silence and patience of waiting, the pleasure of taste, thedelights of the ingredients…

A series of recipes proposed with a passion that sets us apart totry to please the palate of anyone who decides to sit down with us and enjoy ameal, in company, in the calm of our Antica Corte Vignazza.