Prepared with wheat bran, the Alimentis “foodservice selection” is a pasta with a high gluten content and bronze drawn, which gives it a rough surface so as to maximise both the cooking yield and the absorption of the sauces.

The drying time and the choice of thickness ensure excellent performance both in cooking and recooking in addition to the possibility to be served hot or cold or for oven recipes. Available in a wide range and able to suit all types of catering needs.

In convenient bags of 3 kg (4 per carton) so as to avoid having open packages lying around and allow the use of smaller sizes on request.

For traditional cooking, we suggest using 1 litre of water, 10 g of salt per 100 g of pasta. Salt the boiling water, add the pasta and stir for the first minute. Then wait for the recommended cooking time, drain and keep the water to dilute the sauce and serve. Instead, for recooking, cook the pasta in the same way as traditional cooking but for a maximum of half the time recommended.

Cool rapidly and let it rest for 60 minutes then finish cooking for up to a maximum of 2 minutes in the way you prefer. The first cooking time may vary depending on the speed and efficiency of cooling.

Artisanal, classical Piedmontese, hand-stretched bread sticks. More than 30 centimetres long, available both in the classic version with extra virgin olive oil, and flavoured, great both to enrich the bread basket or to accompany aperitifs and appetisers of cold meats and pickles. Deliberately irregular due to the processing system and supplied in convenient cartons with tear opening to encourage eventual display in the sales point.