Alimentis S.r.l. was founded by a family of business people with specific and consolidated experience in the field of catering supplies, promoting itself as a dynamic, flexible and efficient structure, always attentive to the needs of the consumer and the market trends.

Through partnerships with professionals in the field such as chefs, hotel owners, pizza chefs and bartenders, the company offers quality products and services through productive innovation, research, strict quality controls and solutions able to satisfy every kind of customer.

With its three production and distribution sites in Italy, Alimentis is also a team of logistics professionals able to guarantee efficiency and punctuality of deliveries. Our vehicles are on the roads every day both in Italy and in Europe to reach any customer quickly.

Consistent quality ensured through strict controls in the various production stages; the choice of raw materials and the application of meticulous hygiene regulations are the foundations to maintain the high security of the supplies.


From the very start of its activity, Alimentis has set itself two crucial goals to pursue to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction: research and internationalisation. Two strategic directions considered essential especially if accompanied by the personal history of its founders deeply rooted in the traditions of the Italian food industry.

Research into the product and service, in order to continually innovate and guarantee safety and variety to customers.

Internationalization to promote and exploit what has always been considered as one of the main assets of our country: the Italian gastronomic and culinary tradition.

This is how Alimentis designs, develops and markets food products with the intent to guarantee the most traditional qualitative aspects and those related to health and hygiene aimed at giving the consumer assurance through a systematic and continuous control of the entire product supply chain.

A dedicated after-sales service completes the company profile, which we interpret as a real support to consumers, guaranteeing real guidance tied to the product and its use.

A group of technicians plays a key role in guaranteeing the safety of the product and the efficiency of the service.


Added Value

But Alimentis is not just a product.

We have always tried to form our company around the customer and the market, in order to develop a real added value that will complement and enrich the offer.

This is why Alimentis tries to develop some important requirements, among its collaborators, which show customers how it is essentially a company of people, individuals with precise qualities, which is necessary for success: experience and professionalism, commercial flexibility, continuous orientation to the needs of the market and customers, the sharing of common strategies.

Our business is carried out on a daily basis with these principles in mind.