The Rosso Tomato line was created with the same characteristics and peculiarities that mark the production of the Alimentis tomato, dedicated as always to professional quality catering.

A series of top quality product, characterised by tomato cubes halfway between the Alimentis Superfine pulp and the “normal” one for use in cooking and for the pizzeria.

The Alimentis tomato was born from a careful selection made in the best growing areas, and collaboration with farmers. Only the best produce and only Italian. These are the two necessary conditions for boasting the Alimentis brand.  Our technicians work in the fields to ensure the best quality even before the tomatoes reach the processing stage. Each product is specifically studied to meet the various needs of catering, from the pizzeria to the most sophisticated cuisine. Only tomato and only 100% Italian: from the fields of Emilia Romagna for the production of pulp to those of Campania and Apulia for the more traditional “peeled”.


The Alimentis tomato pulp is produced following the Emilia Romagna discipline for integrated production, to offer its consumers the best guarantees in respect of environment and health, minimising the use of chemicals and synthetic substances, which are replaced by recourse to agronomic means that ensure a savings of water and energy. This specification also contemplates restrictive regulations in produce management after harvest.



All Alimentis tomato comes from the processing of fresh raw materials, harvested at the peak of their ripeness. Selected both for their organoleptic characteristics and on the basis of rigid chemical and physical tests that, together with the work and the analysis in the field, allow a selection of the best lots of produce for the specific Alimentis processing. Optical sorters discard parts unfit or too yellow and integrate the valuable selection carried out manually by operators. Careful planning and meticulous organisational management mean tomatoes are processed within 24 hours of harvesting, avoiding the development of fermentation and excessive exposure to the hot August sun. Once the tomato is in the factory, it is immediately analysed using modern sampling stations and directed to be processed without unnecessary stop times. Only in this way can we make a product that is really fresh in taste, colour and aroma; a product that combines the features of this vegetable with the imagination of our customers.


Italy is the European leader of processed tomatoes and the third country in the world for the production of this precious food. Italy has always been considered the prime producer of quality tomatoes and can rightly boast a variety of unique and distinctive references for characteristics and processing. Therefore we don’t need to use other raw materials, ingredients and tricks to modify our tomato. Our products speak only Italian and are guaranteed by the traceability chain to go back to the first farmer, verifying production quality.Tomatoes of a safe origin, checked at all times and processed in Italy in respect of a centuries-old tradition.