Cooking Recipes


Serving suggestion: dilute 200 g of the preparation in 1,3/1,5 kg of water or milk at room temperature. Stir in a planetary mixer or with a whisk until completely dissolved and is a thick, smooth, lump-free béchamel sauce. For a greater or lesser density vary the amount of liquid used in preparation.



Suggestions and use: moisten the food to be breaded with water or milk, then coat it evenly with the preparation. Repeating this operation will give thicker breading. Then fry.



Recommended preparation: pour 400 g of powder mix in 1 litre of cold water (or 350 g of preparation in 1 litre of milk) and mix with a whisk or in a planetary mixer until cream is homogenous. Let it stand for a few minutes. Before using the cream work it quickly with a whisk until it is smooth and homogeneous. This cream is suitable for deep-freezing and cooking.



Mended preparation for savoury crèpes: dissolve 250 g of the powder mix in 300 g of water and add 5 g of salt. Pour about 50/60 g (a ladle-full) of the mixture in a crèpe griddle or in a preheated crèpe frying pan, greased lightly with oil, and cook for about 30 seconds on each side. About 250 g of the powder preparation will yield about 10 crèpes, 20 cm diameter. They can be frozen. Recommended preparation for sweet crèpes: dissolve 250 g of the powder mix in 300 g of water, add 25 g of sugar and a packet of powder vanillin to taste. Proceed as for the preparation above. They can be frozen.


Suggestions for preparing a traditional marinade (can be changed depending on the end taste desired): prepare the marinade by dissolving 2,5 g of the preparation in 7 g of dry white wine, 30 g of olive oil and 3 g of lemon juice. Place the meat or fish (about 100 g) in a baking dish, cover with the prepared marinade and place in the refrigerator for 8 to 12 hours before using. Suggestions for instant use in the oven: brush the meat or fish with olive oil and pass directly in the marinade powder (approximate dosage: about 7 g – 2 teaspoons – for every 100 g of meat or fish). Place in an oven dish or on the oven tray and cook. For even browning, turn halfway through cooking. Suggestions for instant use in a pan: pass the meat or fish in the powder preparation (approximate dosage: about 7 g – 2 teaspoons – for every 100 g of meat or fish) and stir-fry with a little oil, pour a little white wine over it and allow it to evaporate.


Ready and easy to use to prepare a light batter to make a crispy tasty fry for vegetables, meat and fish. Based on rice and corn flours. Suggestions for preparing tempura and batter: dissolve 100 g of the preparation in 135 g of water and stir to make a smooth sauce without lumps. Vary the amount of water depending on the desired density. Fry in hot oil. Suggestions for use as tempura: use the preparation as is, dry. Fry directly in hot oil. Suggestions for preparing a “bulging” batter (multiple layers): pass the product in the dry preparation, cover with the liquid batter previously prepared, place again in the preparation dry and add another layer of liquid batter. Then fry.