For over 15 years Alimentis has been the reference for the most demanding chefs thanks to the specific, consolidated experience of its founding partners, the Contesini family, in the sector of supplies for professional, quality catering.

Systematic application to researching the best solutions for our customers, prepared alongside the top experts in the sector, the wide range available, the study and selection of our offers, bring us closer to the experience of the best catering professionals.

Controls during processing, the choice of raw materials, scrupulous hygiene regulations and attention to new food trends mean we maintain a high value in the supplies available to our customers.

As in the past, there are recipes and products that never age, flavours and secrets to hand down. The name Alimentis is linked to the tradition of the best catering, projecting the wealth of the founders’ experience to the demands of quality and safety required today by the food market.

Every one of our products is a story in itself, which takes all the time necessary to become something excellent.

Behind all, this is a company that is structured and organised in a modern way, on the cutting edge in choices in every field, to guarantee maximum satisfaction.

The company’s vision is aimed at the future with deep roots in the tradition of our recent past.

Passion, tradition, spirit of innovation: all linked to modern flexibility.